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Welcome to Hadouken

Hadouken is a passionate team of game developers, app designers, and creative visionaries dedicated to bringing the best of '90s gaming pop culture back to life. Our mission is to capture the essence of that unforgettable era and infuse it into every app, and interactive experience we create. At Hadouken, we celebrate the classics while embracing modern technology, ensuring a nostalgic yet fresh experience for gamers and app users of all ages



Welcome, adventurers! Gather 'round the fire and listen closely. We have a tale to tell of a realm beyond your wildest imagination, where magic and monsters roam free. This is the realm of DICE ROLLERS TV, the ultimate destination for all Tabletop RPG enthusiasts.


Mojo Music – your free ticket to the ultimate audio adventure on Roku TV and Android!

Get ready to groove with Mojo Music, the free music streaming app that brings together the best of the 90's and today's hottest tracks. Designed for Roku TV and Android devices, Mojo Music lets you jam to your favorite tunes, create personalized playlists, and discover new artists that'll make you feel like you're reliving the glory days.

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