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Well, in some scenarios humanity is on the brink of extinction, but at least we can take solace in the fact that the machines are keeping our ads optimized to the max.



Who needs to worry about the end of the world when you can just focus on click-through rates? So kick back, relax, and pass the chips - the machines have got everything under control... or do they? It's all fun and games until the robots start asking for snacks too.


Our AI-driven technology makes clients' lives easier with real-time data analysis, self-learning, and comprehensive optimization and support. We help clients maximize their revenues and streamline their operations to thrive in the competitive media landscape.

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Realtime data

KITT is our real-time data system providing detailed insights and recommendations to optimize ad campaigns. It enables clients to make informed decisions in real-time and respond quickly to market changes to drive better outcomes. Data is key to success, and KITT unlocks its full potential.

Acquisition Engine

Our free user acquisition engine targets relevant users using AI and content context, utilizing un-filled inventory across partners to create a new channel for user acquisition.

Interactive Layer

Elevate your TV ads with our interactive QR code layers. Measure engagement and set the context for upcoming ads. Transform viewers into active participants and maximize engagement with ease.

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QR Codes

Elevate your advertising with our dynamic QR codes. No setup required. Boost engagement and conversions with ease, and maximize ad slot value. Transform your campaigns and captivate your audience in seconds.

Contextual Advertising

Maximize your video ad impact with our pre-set context. Increase relevance, engagement, and conversions in seconds, with no extra effort. Transform your ads and captivate your viewers from the get-go.

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